Leonardo Da Vinci @ Milano – 21st century

Da Vinci is adding the final touches to his painting. In an abrupt moment of anger, he throws the brush to the floor and leaves the room with his phone. “I am not touching a fucking paintbrush ever again” he screams as he is departing. He can no longer paint and calls up one of the start-ups he holds a major stake in. “I am done painting, I would like to continue my work on the blockchain network,” he tells his younger comrades situated in San Francisco.

He jumps in his fully autonomous vehicle, an ingenious invention from none other than Da Vinci himself, and drives off to Malpensa airport. He briefly takes a look on Grindr to see if there are any male companions he can bring along on the trip. Da Vinci has for the past year been using the application extensively, after his most trusted companion and lover left him for another painter and sculptor, Michelangelo. Da Vinci has been a broken man ever since, ploughing through younger men to fill the void in his life.

On his way to the airport, he picks up a twenty-five-year-old Danish model. After TIME magazine ran a piece on him, his elegantly bearded face on the cover, male models have been a daily occurrence. “The most creative genius in this century” is how TIME described the man. As the car cruises towards the airport, he openly contemplates about his life and the unwillingness to complete projects. “I have been dubbed as a great individual in our civilization. I have attempted to improve the daily lives of people by dreaming the unthinkable. Who would have thought that a vehicle could drive by itself? Or, that the world could exist without banks due to the advancements my students have made with blockchain? The world praises me as a genius, while I am asking myself why I am not able to finish anything to its very end.”

He turns his head on to the road ending the conversation and diving into his own thoughts. As he is looking out into the horizon he quietly whispers to himself; “This next venture will be the greatest artwork I have ever created, and I am fucking taking it to the very end.”

Just trying to make sense of it all.

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