Marie Curie @ Paris – 21st Century

Left. Left. Left. Left. Left. Marie sighed as she aimlessly swiped on Tinder. A friend advised her to check out the app. After fifty cheeky pickup lines and three dates, she wanted to delete the app altogether. She looked outside her window, much to her amusement, soaked Parisians were running for shelter because of the heavy rain. The exchange year in Paris proved to be difficult. She was often ridiculed by her male counterparts while pursuing a double degree in physics and chemistry. “I was happy in Warsaw, why did I ever leave?” she asked herself. She had been watching the #MeToo movement gaining traction worldwide and like so many independent women wanted to jump on the bandwagon. But she was scared of what her faculty would say since Marie wanted to prove to her peers that she could surpass them within the field. She was living the heroes journey, the underdog taking on the world.

She easily adapted to the Parisian culture, women were enticed by her intense focus. Yet Marie found it rather difficult to meet decent men in the city. All the dates she had been on were one disaster after another. One guy was literally flexing his arms for an hour straight. “It seems as if he has to take an enormous shit”, she thought. As time progressed she noticed that he was constantly showing off all his followers on Instagram. Self-absorbed and insecure was her psychological assessment of this man. Her intuition was correct in the end, he was in the bathroom for a whole hour. Upon his return sweat was pouring down his awfully pale face. He reeked of cheap perfume and ass. Wearing an overly tight t-shirt like that for a whole day must make one bloated, Marie reasoned. She took her belongings and sprang from the scene.

Left. Left. Left. Left. The cringing ways men had on picking up women disgusted her. She found a vinyl record from the bookshelf, playing her favourite song. She swiped left once more, just about to close the app when something caught her attention. His profile was simple, clean and alluring. The bio read “In dire need of a person to have great conversations concerning physics, life, and meaning. Please contact me if you are this somebody.” “Finally someone exciting”. She swiped right. To her thrill, they matched. “This Pierre Curie seems like an interesting character,” she thought as she started typing.


Just trying to make sense of it all.

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