Hey guys, We just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress and what we’ll be doing moving forward. Our concept name derives from the word Homage – meaning great respect and honor, or something done to honor a person or thing. Our mantra here at Pay Homage is that we honor the ones who came before us. The ones who dared to dream and innovate. In the process, propelling all of us into the future. With Pay Homage, we honor and build on what has already been built. We have existed for a mere month now. During this time we have published 9 stories, finetuned our website, and refined our vision. Pay Homage will be in the storytelling and podcast space. Pay Homage – Future Of Storytelling is focusing on creating stories for the 21st century and the next generation of readers, watchers and listeners. Pay Homage – Sage of the 21st Century will be our podcast channel. We’ll be having conversations regarding life in the 20s set in the 21st century; the challenges, the confusion, and the humor. We hope to create a voice for our generation.

Pay Homage – Future Of Storytelling

We’ll be collecting stories from talented young storytellers moving forward. These will be posted continuedly after our editorial process. It’s quick entertainment for a new age. An alternative to social media. A place where you can laugh, cry and think. A place where you can grow and learn. The stories will be told in different ways:
  1. Flash Fiction – Stories of under 1000 words
  2. Visual storytelling – Videos, images and infographics, comics
Read more about what and how here. If you’re interested in sending in your story – sign-up.

Pay Homage – Sage of the 21st Century

This will be our podcast channel. We got the idea after observing our daily conversations on various topics. There are many great voices in the podcast space, but not one that speaks for people in their 20s. We are in a stage in life that’s confusing and strange, and we hope to share our experiences and our thoughts on how it is to live in this day and age. We have accepted the philosophy of Socrates – “I know that I know nothing.” We’ll create content and post every two weeks. Our first episode will be posted very soon, so stay tuned! So that’s what we’ll be doing as we move forward with Pay Homage. Thank you for reading and following our page. We are very grateful for the support and we’ll continue to provide you guys with amazing entertainment!

Just trying to make sense of it all.

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