Mahatma Gandhi @ Washington D.C. – 21st Century

Trump was right about to punch Gandhi in the face. The two men were standing face-to-face in the oval office. “Don’t fuck with me, Mohandas. I will destroy you” Trump said with his screeching voice. It was one of the most intense showdowns in history. This was larger than both of them. It was the battle between old and young, conservatives and progressives, realists and idealists, the 20th century and the 21st century.

Well, you must be wondering how the hell this happened? Let me bring you up to speed.

Gandhi’s life started with a great loss when his parents were shot down by a gunman in New Delhi. His uncle brought him to the United States to provide him with a better future. As everyone celebrated a new millennium in the year 2000, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi arrived in the political mecca of Washington D.C. He was only five years old without any formal education. History will remember this year for many reasons, and Gandhi’s arrival will be one of the most significant reasons.

His childhood in D.C. was critical for his own growth and the betterment of the world. He was building his character from a very young age. While the other kids would be heading off to parties and indulging in other festivities, Gandhi was reciting speeches for his uncle and aunt. Through hard work and relentless focus, he was able to enrol at the University of Washington in the year 2013. There were several times he would lose his motivation and willingness to work, seeing the other kids socializing and having fun. One technique Gandhi applied in his life was to constantly remind himself that by suppressing immediate pleasures he could reap benefits in the future. He also knew he had to take charge of his own life.

At UW, Gandhi finally found a home where he belonged. He became a writer for the UW daily and would get his ideas out to the students. Within a year’s time, Gandhi was celebrated as one of the most well-spoken students, even catching the attention of the United Nations. His fellow students described him as a genuine and kind-hearted person. “I felt like I was in the presence of a true soul, someone lacking a mask. He was just the nicest guy you could ever meet” a fellow writer told reporters years later.

Gandhi tried LSD at UW. This was a crucial and humbling experience for the young man. Diving within his own complex mind he saw a light and found a greater purpose. After this experience he would for the next years promote the ideas of peace and love, reigniting the same values of the 1960s. Eventually, he grew enough followers believing in his cause, and this would propel a worldwide movement. The cult grew in size with time, and by using Instagram and Twitter he was gaining more traction. Gandhi knew it was a long-term game and patience was key. As Trump held the world’s attention in the 2016 election Gandhi was outspoken about the devastating effects this could have on the future. His daily Instagram stories on love and peace immobilized the youth of the world, and they saw Gandhi as their leader. He was suddenly finding himself on popular tv channels and other media platforms as the reborn Messiah. Artists and young politicians alike would walk hand in hand with Gandhi in the streets of Washington advocating for the welfare of all human beings on the planet.

You’re all caught up.

The world was watching as Trump invited the young Gandhi to the White House. Gandhi laughed at Trump’s threat and told him that he could never crush the spirit of the youth around the world. “You will be defeated, my dear friend” Gandhi responded as he walked out of the office. The following day Gandhi could be found on his morning walk around the city. Suddenly something caught his attention. In a store window, he found the same Pokemon cards his father had given him for his 4th birthday. A clicking sound could be heard behind him. The gunshot echoed deafeningly in the streets and Gandhi staggered and fell, clutching his neck.


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