Walt Disney @ Los Angeles – 21st Century

The elderly man was walking in the woods alone. He took a deep breath and exhaled calmly. He bore the scars of an exciting and turbulent life. Joy, sadness, love, hate, and every human emotion had been felt throughout this journey. It was New Year’s Eve, in five minutes time a new millennium would commence. Walt was for the first time in his life feeling nostalgic as he walked in the woods. He reminisced about the early days when he revealed his animated drawings on Youtube. Walt felt death creeping around the corner and braced himself for the final act.

In the words of the late Mark Zuckerberg, Walt had been a true visionary. In the year 2018, only twenty-three years old, he founded his first company. The world was for the first time introduced to interactive comics. It was a reinvention of the comic books he had read when he was younger. Using a smartphone or a tablet computer people could access various comic strips where you could watch the characters and scenes in motion. It was by all means revolutionary. The newly incorporated Disney Comics took the throne, making Walt a worldwide sensation in the process.

At comic-con 2025 he was for the first time introduced to the realm of virtual reality. He briefly tried it in college, quite disappointed with the product. But this time around he was amazed. Suited up with a haptic suit and immersed in the virtual world of Fortnite, the line between reality and illusion was blurred. “This is the future of our species,” he told a friend. Walt went back to work on incorporating his comics with the technological device. The world was never the same after 2045. The first party of pioneers were sent in direction of Mars and Disneyworld 1.0 was launched. In Disneyworld, people could live in a virtual world as animated cartoons and truly be whatever they wanted to be. Walt had propelled us into the next stage of the human experience. As he saw the product be commercialized it deeply disturbed him and changed him forever. He had created one of the greatest inventions of all time but had in the act given birth to unnecessary evil. The soul of the man died that day.

Fireworks painted the sky with beautiful colours, lighting up the dark and cold forest. Walt felt a sense of hope. “Life used to be quite simple and authentic”, he thought to himself. As he walked closer to the edge of the forest a mellow track increased in volume. An intense beeping sound soon followed ending with a flash. Walt found himself back in his enormous estate. He removed his VR glasses and got out of the haptic suit. It was dead quiet and dark, only the smart wall illuminating “00:00 – New Millennium. Welcome to the 22nd century, Walt.” He walked over to the panoramic windows overlooking the city. All the lights from the homes overshadowed a brutal truth. Everyone was plugged in and the world he grew up in had been silent since 2045. The regained hope perished as Walt sighed.



Hero's journey - the bestselling story in history.


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