Siddharta Gautama @ Hong Kong – 21st century

Why do I suffer? Why is the pain rooted deep within my soul? The young Siddhartha Gautama, or Sid as most of his friends dubbed him, contemplates his current state of mind. He sits on a bench overlooking the luminous harbour of Hong Kong. He tentatively observes the people walking from one place to another. “They are oblivious to their own existence” he quietly thinks to himself. The Apple watch he got as a present vibrates again. A dozen missed calls are left unanswered on his phone. His parents have been calling for the past two hours.

From an outside perspective, it always seemed as if the young Sid had it all. His family was wealthier than most, residing in one of the finest places in Hong Kong. He was well-liked by both men and women alike. Charming, intelligent and handsome is how he was portrayed in the tabloids. On top of all of this, he excelled in everything he did, especially his studies. His parents expected a lot from him and enforced their dreams and values on to him. He had been sheltered from the world from a very young age, only recently exploring on his own.

He was ruined by all the suffering and misery in the world. Sid was also suffering beyond measure, unable to accept the injustice in life. The love of his life had just left him for another. He was heartbroken. She was right to do so, he told himself, because he could never give her the comfort she sought.

A conflict tormented him from the inside, and this was the day he finally made up his mind. He had been thinking about this for a long period of time. He put his headphones on and played a track that resonated with him at that moment. An Instagram post notifies him that she has uploaded a new photo. He is tempted to open the application but thinks about the promise he made to himself, the path he must walk. Sid is able to resist the gratifying temptations of life. As the song comes to its end he places his headphones and phone to the far-right side of him. He stands up and starts walking barefoot towards the darkness. “Buddha. That is what I am going to call you from now” she had once said.


Hero's journey - the bestselling story in history.


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