Charles Darwin @ Downe – 21st century

Charles Darwin took a deep breath as he set his phone to sleep. He had once again made a list on Notes, the only app he definitely knew how to use. Darwin had named the list; Pros and Cons – Marriage. “This is a note which certainly has not been written before”, he whispered to himself while wondering if Huawei actually had employees reading all the notes made by their users, and if so, what the hell they would think about a lunatic writing a list like that.

No, this is all too hypothetical, he suddenly decided. At that moment Darwin realized that he had tapped back into his old thinking loop. “Unproductive thinking habit” was the term his shrink used. A term he never seemed to grow fond of. He had after all managed to think up some revolutionary things during his lifetime, applying the same kind of unproductive thinking. “Fuck it”, he almost shouted as he spotted the bus approaching. Darwin had bigger fish to fry right now.

He had prepared for this moment with his shrink for a year and felt confident five minutes ago, but the only thing he was interested in now was being swallowed by a wormhole and escape this terrible universe. His anxiety was killing him as he stepped onto bus number 42. Darwin’s palms were already sweaty, his knees were getting weaker and his arms felt heavier than ever, and out of nowhere, he had Eminem’s song stuck in his mind. “Okay, calm down”, he told himself and remembered what the shrink had told him about the importance of eye contact.

Darwin gazed at the bus driver while the door shut behind him. The bus driver stared back. For Darwin, it felt like an eternity just standing there, but all that occupied his mind right now was how it could be legally okay forcing someone to wear such an awful uniform at work. Should I say something? Is it customary to greet the bus driver when stepping on? These were all questions popping up in his mind while he stood there, still facing this unknown Homo sapiens. Another three seconds went by. Still quiet. “Charles Darwin? Is that you?” the bus driver asked all of a sudden. Darwin’s body began to fade and he fell to the ground. The next morning he woke up in a hospital bed and the last thing he could recall was writing his Pros and Cons list on marriage. He took his phone out of his pocket and tapped into Notes, before adding another Con; Talking to people.



Just trying to make sense of it all.


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